Etching Station Sketch Up

Check out the sketches for our next studio building project!

I can't wait to add this dedicated etching station to the shop. Woodcuts are great, but copper is my true print love and it has been way too long since we were last together.

For my etchant, I will use Ferric Chloride in a Z*Acryl Vertical Etching Tank.  The tank will be recessed into the well of this station and supported by the shelf below.  Incorporating a hinged top provides easy access and creates an additional work table when the etchant is not in use. Since I plan to experiment with switching to primarily acrylic based grounds, the lowest shelf will be used to store a tray of soda ash and water stripping solution.  


*Pro tip from the resident Grey Gardens printmaker and homemaker: the soda ash and water stripping solution also does wonders on antique door hinges and vent covers that have been coated with countless layers of latex paint over fifty odd years or so.