Work (in) Progress

I'm starting to pick up steam on this print-in-progress (finally). The image is my tedious take on ticky-tacky, inspired by a housing development in Des Moines, Iowa. Its hard to admit, but I've been working on this woodcut block off and on for over a year now and I have yet to touch it with a gouge. I first laid out the drawing in graphite. I am now going back with a black permanent marker and a white colored pencil to clarify my vision of how I want to begin cutting the block. 

In graduate school, a wonderful professor/colleague once teased that I was a secret printmaker, only showing what I was working on when forced into a critique. It's true, one of my big stumbling blocks in sharing my work is feeling like "It's (I'm) not ready yet".   This is an attempt to begin to share more of my process. It is going to take the time that it takes to complete this print and I am satisfied with the progress I have made this week.


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